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Mission hospital

Questions we helped answer:

  1. What should be the optimal package pricing for various treatments.
  2. What process optimization to be carried out to minimize time to discharge.
  3. How to bring in efficiency in the use of Linen so as to minimize the cost of house keeping.
  4. Devise a scheduling algorithm to optimize the Nurse Scheduling under various constraints.


Top line impacted due to variation in the pricing strategy for various treatment packages offered to patients. Cost of operation was high impacting the bottom line for the hospital. .

Analytics Society of India

  • The Analytics Society of India (ASI) has been founded by eminent personalities from academia (IIMB & IISc.) as well as industry to precisely address these challenges and thus enable organizations as well as individuals overcome the trials of data exploration, deduction and application. ASI is a not-for-profit, professional association, and strives to help individuals become more valuable through education, community, research and advocacy
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